“One is safe to live in the world, if one has Viveka (discrimination of the Real from the unreal), Vairagya (dispassion) and along with these devotion to God”

Whenever sin triumphs over sanctity, ‘lust and gold’ veil the perpetual truth in the realm of the almighty God, He, each time in new style and texture, comes, sees and conquers the adversities in the way of divinity. This emperor is called “Avatar”. Sometimes he comes only to visit his realm in disguise to relish a little time with his dear ones and to save his devotees. And he came. He played his ‘Leela’ at Dakshineswar taking the holy name- Shree Ramakrishna. His devotion and renunciation, sacredness and simplicity, utmost manifestation of spirituality and immense love for all, surpass former Avaters of different religions. Therefore, many pundits and saints averse that Shree Ramakrishna is “Avatar Varistha”, foremost among Avatars. The significance of his Leela lies on never ending benefits for humankind. Yet, to pronounce  â€œ as many paths so many ways”  which teaches universal acceptance of all religions and religious opinions as true, to serve the mass in the spirit of seva, to give men light to the journey towards the absolute, Shree Ramakrishna taught Swami Vivekananda, his spiritual heir, to found one “Sangha”. The work has been perfectly accomplished by the name of the Guru, the emperor. It is – “Ramakrishna Math, and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math” at Howrah. To spread thoughts and teachings of Shree Ramakrishna, the Headquarter has branch canters all over world. Our Math is one of the limbs of Shree Ramakrishna’s “Sangha Sharira”. It was founded in 1932. It is just beside the Bay of Bengal at Chakratirtha , Puri and 3.5 km away in the East from the holy Jagannath Temple.


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